Splendid Start to 2013 History Month

The Pioneer Association’s contribution to History Month was a splendid affair and proved a worthy event to usher in the month-long, statewide programme of history related activities. Past PASA President Kingsley Ireland’s illustrated address on “Some early Jews of South Australia” gave insight in to the lives of both the Levi and Phillipson families who arrived in South Australia during the first few years of the Colony.

Presenter, Kingsley Ireland

Presenter, Kingsley Ireland

Nearly 100 people including PASA members and their guests, members of the two Hebrew congregations in Adelaide, and many history ‘buffs’ attracted by the About Time  programme, gathered in the Drill Hall at the Torrens Parade ground for the event on Thursday 1 May. A delicious buffet lunch , which included some Jewish style food, preceded the presentation.

Kingsley took us on a journey through mid 19th century South Australia where we met the interconnected Levi-Phillipson families who were some of the earliest residents of the Colony. We encountered successful merchants and entrepreneurs, bankrupts, high spirited young ladies and forbidden love which led to a duel, and we learnt about the establishment of some fine homes in Adelaide’s developing inner suburbs. The story of these early Jewish families was brought to life with the reading of a range of original resources and documents which included newspaper articles, obituaries, wills, and diaries, all of which were  read by the descendents of  the family. Kingsley’s presentation went well beyond the family tree and breathed new life into the stories of these two interconnected Jewish families.

Guests enjoying the PASA History Month Event at the Torrens Parade Ground

Guests enjoying the PASA History Month Event at the Torrens Parade Ground on 1 May 2013

A CD containing Kingsley’s  power point presentation and the quotes from the family readers is available from the PASA Office.

Thanks to Pam Skurray and all those who helped her with the presentation of this event.

Report by Bob Stace

About Pioneers Association of South Australia Inc

The Pioneers Association of South Australia Incorporated was founded in 1935 with the primary objective to perpetuate the memory of the pioneers of early settlement in South Australia.
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One Response to Splendid Start to 2013 History Month

  1. pamskurray says:

    Pam Skurray would like to officially thank Foodland, Charlesworth Nuts, and Wallis Cinemas for their generous donation towards the History Month event, also the generosity of the helpers who made the event so successful. Louis Jennings, Libby King, Cheryl Carter, Steve Skurray and Jacquie Clayer – a very big thank you for all of the work you did for the Pioneers Association to make this event so special. Kingsley Ireland ably assisted by Mark Randell was brilliant with the illustrated address, and Judith Brown (author of the Almonds of Walkerville) also made a grand contribution to the day. Thank you one and all. Pam Skurray.

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